Symposium: Players and Makers

Saturday 30th November, 2019

Symposium: Players and Makers

Presentation of Players and Makers
ARtCH, a collective of students graduating from MA Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins (Angelica Mochin, Junyu Lei, Kana Higashino, Tina Wetshi and Yuehan He)

ARtCH is a collective of students devoted to creating a better understanding of academia, in relation to the commercial art market. ARtCH presented their first event, Players & Makers - a research project which aims to help art students relate to the commercial aspects of the art world.

As student researchers, we experienced anxiety and confusion about our steps into the ‘real world’. How do current art institutions in the UK help students in understanding the art market? What are the attitudes of current students and alumni in relation to the commercial industry, and what can we learn from them? How should art students relate to the commercial aspects of art, whilst navigating the art institutions that they currently occupy?

Is the art market a hyper-capitalist arena only for the elite? Advice: Pay attention to systems, ideas or protocols that promote competition, in the sense of negative competition, where you feel as if you are pitted against someone else.

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