Symposium: Alternative models for art

Saturday 30th November, 2019

Symposium: Alternative models for art

The Panel aimed to bring voices from different disciplines to the table to discuss what alternative economic models might be already existing, and could be developed, in the art world.

Roman Vasseur, artist and lecturer, presented ideas from his recent doctoral thesis where he claims that contemporary art and cultural production, more broadly, are irrevocably changed now that the information logic of the financial derivative is seeded in and transmitted by culture's objects.

Sarah Elson is a contemporary collector whose mission goes beyond the process of purchasing finished objects. Instead she provides artists a home in a residency programme and develops work in a collaborative process.

Paul Hedge is the founder of Hales Gallery, which has made significant contributions to London’s art world for decades. He currently plans on transferring the gallery ownership to an alternative model of shared ownership.

Mary Evans is a visual artist whose practice enfolds mainly in the institutional realm and in her teaching practice, developed from tentative engagements with the commercial market, she has developed a successful way of critical distance.

The panel is chaired by Stephanie Dieckvoss, art market journalist and lecturer.