Symposium: Uses of Curatorial Influence – On Decentralisation as a Form of Intervention

Tuesday 30th November, 2021


What is needed of curatorial practices now? What are the new trajectories for development and change? How can one use their influence to foster complex debates of the art world? Can decentralisation be a mode for making space for diverse forms of knowledge and practice in the current art ecosystem?

The discourse around the “new art world” calls for new perspectives and reflective contemplations in regard to curatorial practices. Bringing together art practitioners from different disciplines, the talk will approach the topic of influence through embodied practices and knowledges while addressing decentralisation, power, and agency from traditional art institutional frameworks to sites of the digital, the grassroots, and the transnational, thus, exploring where the future of the art space with decentring properties may lie.


Moderators: Amiel Maucade and ChuLing Wang.


MiMi Lamine

With a background in Marketing Events, MiMi Lamine shifted her career to the art sector. She studied Art Management at Birkbeck College and Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Arts. She is a former UAL mentor. In 2015, she started The House of The Artists (THoTA), which is a certified social enterprise. In 2020, MiMi created an umbrella volunteer-based organisation called Agora Digital Art. Agora advocates for women, BAME and queer artists - those who are under-represented in new media art.

Arturo Passacantando

Arturo Passacantando is an Italian curator and filmmaker born in Rome, 1992. In 2016 he co-founded The Orange Garden with Tommaso de Benedictis: a collective that operates as a nomadic art gallery, producing and curating exhibitions in various European locations. What guides their diverse program is a reflection on social issues, on art as an opportunity for dialogue and involvement. Their latest exhibition took place in an abandoned sports center in London, where the artist Agnes? performed for 23 days, embodying a hybrid creature, half human, half cephalopod. He has recently opened an experimental project space in the centre of Rome called Panetteria Atomica. As a filmmaker, Passacantando dedicates himself to the creation of video art, music videos and documentaries. He is currently developing his first feature film.

Deng Ting

Deng Ting is an artist, curator, and co-founder of No Space. She is currently working and living in Shanghai and Beijing. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine (2014) and the Royal College of Art, London (2019), where she won the Lauds & Laurels Award and had her work collected by the Royal College of Art. Her current focus is ancient culture and Pan-Shamanization from the perspective of technology. Her curated exhibitions include: "Anren Biennale: New Residence Unit", "Yanjiao Biennale: A Dialogue in Winter", "IN/OUT Art Noval Noval 100", and "Trans-identity: Body, Soul, and Time, 2020"

Wang LianYi

Wang Lianyi is an independent curator based in Shanghai and London. Her curatorial practice concerned about the embodiment of the social order in contemporary art and dedicated to curating exhibitions from the perspective of mass culture to avoid esotericism of contemporary art. She has organised and initiated several collaborative projects such as workshops, artists' forums, and performance events between UAL and RCA. Her recent curatorial projects include: "Fragmentation", The Coningsby Gallery, London, 2019; "Culture Shock", Cookhouse Gallery, London, 2019; "Post Mass Media", online, 2020; the 1st Yanjiao Biennale, 2021; "Before Rejuvenation", Coutts Art Center, Shanghai, 2021.

CREDIT: INTERVENTIONS/INTROSPECTIONS is a project that functions as a think-tank that fosters experimental approaches to institutional models of curating. It is a testing ground for artists and other institutional figures in forming new practices, projects and ideas within galleries and other art spaces.