Credit is a project designed to investigate and mitigate the intensifying commercial and economic pressures faced by emerging galleries and arts organisations.

The conditions created by rising living and business costs, the concentration of capital at the top of the art market, the art market’s integration into the global financial system are rapidly changing both how art and artists operate. These long term trends are likely to be catastrophically amplified by the coronavirus crisis.

We’re interested in emerging economies and ecologies that can positively impact the way art is made, bought and sold and help sustain a flourishing and broadly accessible art scene.

Credit is a collaboration between Modern Forms, Central Saint Martins and Kingston University.

The project is managed by Modern Forms.

With thanks to our sponsors:

Modern Forms is a contemporary art collection and editorial platform. It is dedicated to supporting contemporary art though acquisitions, donations and collaborations with artists and art institutions. Modern Forms was founded by the British financier Hussam Otaibi and is run by Curator Nick Hackworth.